Unique and Independent Niche Investment Strategies

We Bring Good People Together

A global network of contacts across a variety of disciplines enables us to source undiscovered investment managers that we believe will generate sustainable alpha over time.

Our capital providers benefit from the historical outperformance of start-up managers, and through access to niche strategies with capacity constraints. 

Philosophy for Success

Primary focus on ethics and fiduciary responsibility

World class legal team and service providers to ensure a fully transparent investment process

Generous terms that provide a "win-win" for all parties

Rigorous support and mentoring for the manager

Portfolio monitoring and frequent communications with investors

Diligent focus on compliance in global markets

Strong relationships with regulators

Key Partnerships and Manager Development

Proven Process of Manager Success

New hedge fund managers need to be committed to the fund’s success and have skin in the game. The necessity for an emerging manager to get to critical mass quickly (roughly $80 million to $100 million of AUM) provides a huge incentive to generate alpha while protecting against drawdowns.

how we create value