A Boutique Platform Focused on Scaling Niche and Diverse Investment Managers

We identify emerging portfolio managers that generate alpha

Ashton Global uses a global network across a variety of industries and disciplines to source undiscovered investment managers that are capable of generating sustainable alpha over time. We provide a platform for institutional investors to access the higher returns of emerging managers via seed capital transactions. Our key partnerships and experience in manager due diligence supports our robust emerging manager platform. 

The Unique Advantages of Emerging Managers

Why Emerging Managers Outperform

Emerging managers substantially outperform more mature hedge funds because they are more nimble and can invest in ideas that are overlooked by larger firms. 

Innovation is also a significant reason for the strong performance of emerging manager hedge funds. Managers frustrated by the bureaucracy of established funds often start new ventures with unique ideas. 

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Ashton Global Emerging Manager Platform

Our platform enables emerging and diverse managers to scale quickly with institutional capital. An extensive network of distribution channels and capital introduction opportunities provides sustainable growth for emerging asset managers.

The process begins with screening methods to identify managers that are well-connected in their respective markets, with interesting pipelines of public or private investment opportunities. Once we identify potential managers that offer unique strategies, we develop these managers with co-investments or small mandates to prove out the investment thesis, and to help them build a track record.

Sustainable Long-Term Growth

Emerging Managers

Our solutions help new, diverse, and minority managers scale quickly with institutional capital.

We mentor managers on how to best articulate the investment strategy to institutional investors.

Introductions to pension funds, family offices, and hedge funds for seed capital investments.

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Advantages of Smaller Funds

More nimble and can protect against downside

Can invest in ideas that are often overlooked by larger firms

Most are highly-specialized and can generate alpha under the radar of larger funds

Investors can benefit from investments that would be “too small to move the needle” at larger investment firms

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Shark Tank for hedge fund managers

Investment platform specializing in scaling boutique managers

Long-term capital provided by hedge funds and family offices

Full alignment of the interests of all parties

Seed investments of $5 million to $20 million

Our Process


Best Practices
For Emerging Managers

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