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Emerging Managers

Emerging managers substantially outperform other hedge fund managers because they are more nimble and can invest in ideas that are often overlooked by large fund managers.

Emerging Managers

The most difficult challenge facing allocators is finding alpha, and Ashton Global has the due diligence experience and manager platform to drive strong returns.

Emerging Managers

Emerging managers must provide investment opportunities that are clearly differentiated from well-established funds. Our manager development program is now accepting applications for 2022.

Emerging Manager
Private Equity

The best private equity fund managers are not easy to access, and full diversification can never be accomplished in one place. Access to managers is critical because studies have shown strong performance in emerging private equity managers.

Ashton Global matches high-quality, niche, emerging managers with institutional investors that are seeking alpha from unique investment opportunities

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Institutional Investors

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Providing the platform for managers to access capital

Emerging Managers

We have a commitment to match new and diverse managers with an infrastructure of support, mentoring, and capital provided by sophisticated long-term investors.

Our incentive structure allows for all stakeholders to participate in “win-win” seed transactions.

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Investing in a new generation of asset managers

Ashton Global
Emerging Managers

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