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Ashton Global matches high-quality, niche, emerging managers with institutional investors that are seeking alpha from unique investment opportunities

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We have a commitment to match new and diverse managers with an infrastructure of support, mentoring, and capital provided by sophisticated long-term investors.

Our incentive structure allows for all stakeholders to participate in “win-win” seed transactions.

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Emerging Mangers

Innovation is a significant reason for the outperformance of emerging manager hedge funds.

Investing in

Bhutan combines a strong record of economic growth with an equally impressive commitment to the environment, society, and good governance. Bhutan also enjoys a favorable location between India and China, two of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Investing in

Africa has the strong demographics and pro-growth reforms necessary to outperform developed markets over the next three to five years. Ashton Global provides access to both private and listed investment opportunities in East Africa.

Private Equity in
Latin America

Private equity in Latin America has even higher potential for better risk-adjusted returns than listed stocks because of its illiquid nature and the potential for major asset mispricing in private markets.

Our Managers

International Small-Cap

Formed in December 2014, the International Small-Cap portfolio has a mandate to invest in public and private international equity markets, with a special focus on Asia. 

Invest in Emerging Asia

Africa Frontiers

The Africa Frontiers Fund is a portfolio managed by Joel Mwaura and is focused on East Africa with a special interest in Kenya. 

Invest in East Africa

Emerging Markets Direct Lending

Our mission is to generate strong risk-adjusted returns by financing sustainable businesses run by exceptional management teams. 

Invest in Private Credit

Litigation Finance

The fund provides capital in exchange for a portion of the recoveries tied to various cases. All of the investments are supported by interests in legal recoveries and settlements due to plaintiffs.

Invest in Legal Settlements


Public and Private Equity in Emerging and Frontier Markets

Frontiers Fund

Equity and Debt Investing in East Africa


Uncorrelated Returns Linked to Legal Settlements

Emerging Markets
Direct Lending

Non-bank Lending Plays a Substantial and Growing Role in Emerging Economies

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With Ashton Global I have experienced an investment service which is personable, professional, honest, and very educational. Along with advising investment strategies which have yielded increased growth within my portfolios, Ashton Global also took the time to ensure I better understood the markets and trends associated with my investments.

Leonard Morgan, Engineer, Virginia Beach, VA

Have known the principal of Ashton Global for over 20 years and have worked with Ashton Global on understanding and choosing the right investments for me. They are knowledgeable, always prepared for our discussions and ready to answer any questions I have. Great to work with.

Damon Brown, Attorney, Baltimore, MD

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