Who We Serve

Ashton Global can only be successful when we help our clients meet their financial goals. We are serious about maintaining your trust and confidence.
Seed Investors

Communication is key to trust and confidence. We communicate by producing timely and thorough performance reports and through an open and transparent dialogue about our investment philosophy and portfolio holdings. We recognize that each of our clients has unique goals. We want to understand your unique needs and strive to exceed your expectations.

Ashton Global Investment Process
Ashton Global Small Cap Emerging Manager
Emerging Managers

Success in the hedge fund industry is driven by people. Our commitment is to match new and diverse managers with an infrastructure of support, mentoring, and capital provided by sophisticated long-term investors that are committed to helping you grow. Our incentive structure allows for all stakeholders to participate in “win-win” seed transactions.

How we create value for institutions

Introductions to emerging and diverse hedge fund managers 

Full due diligence, background checks, and performance verification

Monitoring of SEC registrations and requirements, daily and monthly performance, and style drift

We can manage the formation of managed accounts with your custodian to access our emerging manager portfolios

We also facilitate the creation of structured notes and/or swaps with global banks which allow investors to gain exposure to our portfolio managers

How we create value for managers

Introductions to institutional investors

Factsheets and marketing brochures

Website design consulting

Media coverage through exposure on various channels

Digital marketing via email, call programs, social media, video and print

Speaking opportunities at conferences and events

Targeted outreach to existing financial advisors, family office clients, and fund of funds

Ashton Global Partners

Emerging Managers

Ashton Global aligns itself with the highest-quality service providers that can provide support and sustainable infrastructure for emerging managers.

Ashton Global Partners

Financial Advisors

We can provide a unique service for the financial advisor who wants to add separately managed accounts to his or her practice.