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New York

Ashton Global’s New York office serves our global client base of emerging managers and seed capital providers. For more information, please contact Kijana Mack, Senior Managing Director at

48 Wall Street

New York, NY 10005

Tel: +01 212 514 8953


Mexico City

Operating across the Americas, Ashton Global’s expanded footprint now serves private wealth management and family offices across Latin America. For more information about our wealth management solutions, please contact Ana Palacios, Director at

Paseo de la Reforma 509, Col. Cuauhtémoc

Ciudad de Mexico 06500

Tel: +52 1 55 3069 6372


Frequently Asked Questions About Litigation Finance

Litigation finance is the provision of funds by a third party to a plaintiff in exchange for part of a legal settlement. It can also involve directly financing attorneys and plaintiffs to pursue cases against large defendants. The investor typically receives a specific multiple of the initial investment or a percentage of the settlement for a successful case.

Emerging Opportunities in Direct Lending

Emerging markets offer favorable conditions for the growth of direct lending. Direct lending is not only profitable for investors, but it also supports communities by providing more affordable credit to job-creating small businesses. The Demand from Small Businesses...

Niche Private Equity Opportunities in Asia

Although Asia still presents opportunities, excess returns are becoming more difficult to find as markets continue to develop. Growth is increasing in less developed countries, while former leaders are slowing down. Most notably, China’s GDP growth rate fell...

Private Equity in Latin America

Stock markets in Latin America are like the US markets of the late 20th century in many respects. The Latin American equivalent of the post-WWII baby boom occurred decades later, which suggests that stock valuations could increase substantially. World Bank statistics...

The Growing Benefits of Private Credit Investing

By tapping into the markets abandoned by banks, private credit investors are able to obtain higher yields than bonds, more stability than stocks, and greater portfolio diversification. Higher yields are still available to private credit investors. Yields of around 7%-10% can be obtained on private loans to mid-sized companies. Even higher yields are possible when investing in distressed debt. While there is greater risk than in the public bond market, there are also higher returns.

Investing in Rising Africa

While unpredictable protectionist measures rattled US markets during 2019, Africa has been moving toward free trade. The total economic output of Sub-Saharan Africa is predicted to reach over $2 trillion by 2020, up from just $300 billion in 2000. Pro-market economic...

India: A Growing Market for Private Equity

The best investments often reveal themselves during downturns, and India has shown strength in adversity. India’s economy continued to thrive even as rising interest rates in the United States put pressure on emerging markets. World Bank statistics show that...