Investment Team

“Ethics begins at the top of an organization. Management must set the example.”

KIjana A. Mack

Kijana Mack – Senior Managing Director, Portfolio Manager

Kijana has 14 years of experience in institutional investment management and corporate finance. He is responsible for overall enterprise risk and portfolio risk management at Ashton Global.

Prior to joining Ashton Global, Kijana was the Director of Credit Risk for a $900 million hedge fund in New York. Prior to his role at the hedge fund, Kijana was in the Corporate Finance Group at Moody’s covering oil & gas and commodities in the US and Latin America. Kijana also spent six years in the Capital Markets Group at Cambridge Associates where he supported the world’s most sophisticated pension funds and endowments.

Kijana holds a B.S. of Finance from Morgan State University and an MBA from Loyola University. He is also on the Board of Directors of Mexico Energy Partners LLC, an energy consulting firm operating in Mexico.

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