Month: February 2020

Distressed Debt Investing

Distressed debt offers the highest potential return of any type of debt security. Using all the available information can turn the danger of bankruptcy into the opportunity to gain control of the company. The relatively small size of the companies involved, the illiquidity of the assets, and the limited number of players make distressed debt like private equity. These inefficiencies in the distressed debt market create niche spaces where Ashton Global can generate alpha.

The Growing Benefits of Private Credit Investing

By tapping into the markets abandoned by banks, private credit investors are able to obtain higher yields than bonds, more stability than stocks, and greater portfolio diversification. Higher yields are still available to private credit investors. Yields of around 7%-10% can be obtained on private loans to mid-sized companies. Even higher yields are possible when investing in distressed debt. While there is greater risk than in the public bond market, there are also higher returns.